Personal Injury Law

If you have suffered an injury in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation. Our solicitors have had many years experience in dealing with compensation claims and have achieved excellent results. We have recovered substantial compensation for clients who have been involved in a variety of accidents, either on the road, at work or in any other situation which can give rise to an injury.

We offer a No Win No Fee agreement, which basically means that you will not have to pay our costs if you lose the case.

Each claim will be different and the amount of your award will vary depending on the nature and severity of the injury and losses incurred. Our solicitors will ensure that you receive compensation for pain and suffering caused by the injury, any consequent loss of earnings, damage to property and subsequent medical costs.

We guarantee a quality and personalised service by qualified solicitors who will do their utmost to recover for you the maximum amount of compensation in the minimum amount of time.

Please contact us if you would like advice from an experienced solicitor who will offer you a free initial interview.


Although employers are responsible for providing a safe working environment, each year thousands of people have an accident at work in the UK who may be entitled to claim compensation.

We can advise you on making a claim for a whole range of work place accidents including those involving defective or dangerous machinery, slips or trips on debris or dangerous surfaces, injuries involving lifting or manual handling and injuries suffered in the Construction Industry to name but a few.

Injuries at work often happen because the employer has breached a particular law covering health and safety at work. Graham White & Co Solicitors have successfully represented people who have been injured at work in their claims for compensation.


If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered a trip, slip or fall, it is in your interests to be represented by an expert because compensation claims for injuries caused in this way often pose particular problems so far as liability is concerned. We are able to advise you on making a claim for compensation as a result of a trip, slip or fall in many circumstances including trips over badly aligned or uneven pavements, slips down stairs that are in poor condition or not built to an acceptable standard, slips on dangerous, polished or wet surfaces and slips in restaurants and supermarkets.


If you feel that you have been adversely affected following incompetent care or lack of judgement by a doctor, nurse, surgeon or dentist, you may be able to make a medical negligence claim (also known as a “clinical negligence claim”). Medical Negligence claims can include mis-diagnosis, delaying diagnosis which resulted in injury, surgical errors and neglect.

Graham White & Company can advise you whether or not you have the merits of pursuing a claim for medical negligence and, if appropriate, go on to pursue that claim on your behalf in a professional and efficient manner.


Road accident claims are the most common cause of personal injury. Whether you have been injured as a driver or a passenger of a car, bus or other vehicle, a cyclist or a victim of a “hit and run”, you could be entitled to make a road traffic accident claim.

Graham White & Co have successfully handled a number of road traffic accident claims including representing the following:-

  • A cyclist who lost the use of his right arm after the wheel of his bicycle became caught in a pothole in the road. We recovered substantial damages on his behalf from the local authority.

  • The driver of a car who was injured when a tree fell on to the highway in front of her car causing the vehicle to collide with it.

  • A passenger in a bus who was thrown forward into the stairwell when a car collided with the bus.

  • A passenger in a car who suffered injury when the driver lost control of the car causing a collision.

  • A pedestrian who was knocked over on a zebra crossing.

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