Graham White & Co are able to handle a wide variety of contractual disputes on behalf of both private individuals and commercial entities. We aim to promptly identify the result you wish to achieve and to provide you with clear advice on the most cost effective means of resolving your case, whether by negotiation, court proceedings or mediation. If court proceedings are necessary, we will provide you with constructive advice at every stage so that you understand the developments in your particular case.

We provide advice in such areas as residential and commercial landlord and tenant disputes, contract and commercial disputes, construction and building disputes and property disputes.

Although our general advice in such matters is to avoid litigation if at all possible, we recognise that there are situations where steps have to be taken to protect property against trespass and/or breach of covenants, which will affect the value or amenity of a property.

In the event that matters cannot be resolved by negotiation or using alternative dispute resolution means then we have the necessary experience to commence and prosecute the necessary litigation where necessary with specialist Barristers.

Graham White & Co provide a fast and effective service for debt recovery on behalf of both private and commercial clients. We have significant experience and knowledge in debt claims and the small claims procedure. We have assisted our clients in successfully recovering the debt due to them by issuing proceedings and obtaining judgement expeditiously and proceeding to enforce the judgement if payment is not received.

We are aware of the economic realities of many litigation claims and will advise our clients accordingly, baring in mind their individual wishes and situations. Often settlement of a claim in a satisfactory manner is the best result.

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