Child Contact and Residence

In any family breakdown, the well-being of the children is regarded as of the utmost importance and steps should be taken to minimise disruption to their lives. It is important that the needs of the children are put foremost and we always encourage parents to try to put their own differences aside when dealing with matters relating to the children.

We are experienced in advising and aiding parents to come to agreements about where and with whom children should live and what contact there should be between children and the non-resident parent, bearing in mind at all times that contact is the right of the child. Wherever possible we encourage matters to be settled through negotiations without recourse to court proceedings which are stressful, expensive and disruptive to both parents and children as is required by the provision of the Children Act 1989, which specifically states that parents are expected to agree arrangements for children without recourse to the Courts. However we also have wide experience in dealing with matters which do require the involvement of the courts and gaining the best outcome for our clients and their children.

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